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Big Brother VIP Italy and BBB design

BBB at Big Brother VIP Italy 2022

Scenographic elements with playful qualities, ideal for the House where the show of the moment is staged. We are talking about Italian Big Brother VIP 2022, and our SPIN armchairs, designed by René Barba, have been chosen and placed at the entrance.

Interni Guida Design Index 2023

Design Index 2023. BBB is in the greatest guide on Italian Design

As usual, at the beginning of the year, Interni Magazine publishes an English-language issue addressing the international appointments in January and February and, on this occasion, publishes also the precious Design Index 2023, as a guide, an authentic reference for industry insiders and enthusiasts. Of course you can find us there too.

Archiproducts article 16th November 2022 Franco Poli

Archiproducts on BBB and Total Design

«BBB was born in an era when Design’s mission was the total transformation of the way of living in the home. Pure Design is in its DNA». With these words Franco Poli explain to Archiproducts (an important design magazine) how in an era of digital, ergonomic and functional transformation, the human being must remain at the centre.

Interni Magazine, author Emiliano Del Rosso an article about BBB

Interni Magazine. About BBB

«In authentic design, decoration is useless, even luxury is useless if not harmful. But beauty is necessary, vital if not mandatory. Beauty is coherence of forms and materials in an impeccable language that says sublime things to real people who want truth» An excerpt from Franco Poli interview published by Interni Magazine.