BBB represents the inestimable value of design in its history and trasformations. Our proposal are the history that continues and compares iconic creations of yesteryear and contemporary innovations. BBB is a unique interpreter who combbines pleasure of living and the meaning of style .

Our history
Our present

Established in 1949, at a time of expansion and development of the emerging Italian design scene, BBB carves out a precise identity for itself in the design world. Rather than following the adventures of the avant-garde movements, the company’s role is to skilfully and attentively reconcile experimental momentum with traditional heritage. In this work of constant mediation, BBB has interpreted the changing spirit of the times in a modern understated style, representing an updated elegant version of Italian living.
Looking back on its journey, always in the company of leading design figures, it is interesting to scroll the list of names that have accompanied BBB throughout its development: from the historic collaborators Gio Ponti, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Giandomenico Belotti, Giorgio Decursu, De Pas D’Urbino Lomazzi, Paolo Ferrari, Carlo Santi, Vittorio Prato, right through to contemporaries like Renè Barba, Dror Benshetrit, Enrico Davide Bona, Alessandro Bosco, Roby Cantarutti, Edy e Paolo Ciano, Massimo Colombo, Lorenzo Damiani, Paolo Favaretto, Carlo Forcolini, Michele Franzina, Marta Giardini, Lidor Gilad, Konstantrin Grcic, Harri Koskinen, Marta Laudani e Marco Romanelli, Carlo Manara, Jasper Morrison, Elisa Nobile, Marco Piva, Franco Poli, Giulio Ponti, Ilaria Prato, Bruno Rainaldi, Paolo Rizzatto, Antonio Pio Saracino, Yotam Shabtai, Adriano Tolomei, Huub Ubbens, Serena Vinciguerra, Marcello Ziliani.