Luigi Filippo

Designed by Marta Laudani e Marco Romanelli. Medium density oval top with tapered edge (reduced perimeter thickness), shaped legs and lower cross strut in matte lacquered beech wood. Two lengths available: 215 and 240 cm.

A name with a historic flavour for a table that expresses a contemporary style and personality. Luigi Filippo shows how a high level of abstraction can be achieved even with traditional furniture types and materials, thanks to an elegant lightweight design and clean-cut lines.


W: 95 cm
D: 215/240 cm
H: 76 cm
Longitudinal distance between the legs: 98.1 cm
Orthogonal distance between the legs: 40.4 cm


Matte lacquered beech wood.


Matt varnish and lacquer

9003 White
9005 Black


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