Designed by Enrico Davide Bona and Elisa Nobile in 2018. Folding chair available in natural wood or in matte, clear or lacquered coloured paint, also two-tone. Seat, backrest and sides in multilayer beech.
Invisible metal hinge inserted in the sides.

“Any theme, from the simplest to the most complex, can be an opportunity to express a quality creative thought, we must understand our time and consider the centrality of man as the hub of all relations.”

(Enrico Davide Bona, Elisa Nobile)

Made of beech wood and available in different finishes, the Flèche folding chair solves the mechanical opening and closing movement by using one single hinge, which acts as a pin for folding the legs onto one another. The result is an original dynamic profile reminiscent of an arrow (hence the name Flèche). In particular, the profile of the outer (front) leg is designed so as to continue upwards forming a cantilevered armrest which supports the backrest at the top, while the inner (rear) leg has the job of supporting the seat. When the chair is open, the inclination of the rear leg is designed to continue the lines of the armrest; when the chair is closed, the profiles of the front and rear coincide perfectly. The original minimalist aesthetics go hand in hand with comfort of the seat and functionality of this foldable stackable chair that adapts to any occasion.


W: 44 cm on top, 48 cm at middle, 52,5 cm at base
H: 79 cm opened, 91 cm closed, Seat 44,5
D: 49 cm

Wood finishings

Solid wood finished with oil / hardwax / transparent matt varnish.

Matt varnish and lacquer

Matt varnish and lacquer (the asterisk indicates the special colours):

9003 White
9005 Black
1191 Turquoise*
6025 Green*
3011 Burgundy*
3015 Pink*
1023 Yellow*
5024 Sky-blue*
2001 Orange*
3020 Red*
7030 Dove-gray*
8001 Sand*

Stain colours:

1023 Yellow
3020 Red
5000 Blue
7006 Moka